The Faux Parisian loves the idea of being as effortlessly chic as the quintessential French woman…

but she also loves wearing too much makeup, accessorizing with a faux fur clutch and wearing hot pink sequin boots with her all-black ensemble.

Which inevitably make her very UN-french.

Our society slams us with images of mass-produced fashion and “get the look” bloggers who tell us exactly how to dress and who we should be dressing like. I feel like we shouldn’t be restricted to a particular genre of style but should celebrate finding our own identity and uniqueness. There seems to be some sort of stigma against our being both smart and enjoying the stereotypical enjoyments of being a woman such as fashion, makeup, etc. For some bizarre reason, it’s unfathomable to some people that a woman can shop, do her makeup, keep up with fashion and yet be literate, enjoy playing video games, play sports and keep up with the news. So many awesome woman in the spotlight are finally breaking the mold and proving that we, as women of the future, can be smart and pretty and then so much more.

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