San Francisco: A Love Story

San Francisco: A Love Story With America's Favorite City

San Francisco is often foggy and there are certain areas that will always smell like urine no matter what time of the day it is. The amount of homeless people is astounding and chances are you’ll probably have one or more sleeping against the wall of your hotel or you’ll just see them casually digging through the garbage three feet away from you. Walk through the Tenderloin and you’ll see trash everywhere as well as people shooting up in the middle of the day on the sidewalk right beside you. Oblivious tourists standing in the middle of the street in their San Francisco sweatshirts snap pictures of the landmarks and hold up traffic while angry drivers honk aggressively because they almost killed the other tourist who walked across the crosswalk without noticing the sign to not walk or even observe that they’re crossing a street at all.

Yes, there’s no doubt the city has its problems.

And yet people from around the globe vacation to it year round and many risk everything to live in poverty in this city. Why?

I believe for every individual there exists something in San Francisco that speaks to them and maybe one persons reason is not the same as another’s but this coastal city has a character unlike any other in the world. Sure, there are more beautiful cities and there are cities with better weather and there are cities with better architecture and most certainly there are cities with better economies.

San Francisco, however, is all pieced together in just the right way that most people can find their own corner in it that is made up of their people and their lifestyle. You can come from China and live the American Dream while still feeling like you’re home in China. You can leave your family in Italy and find a new one with someone who cooks just like your mother and taste every day that warmth of home. Your favorite café back in France is now just around the corner from where you live now in San Francisco and they’re all speaking to you in French and you have a French magazine to read while you sip your café au lait before work.

No matter your style, age or lifestyle you can find your home here.

Through the next few days I’ll share with you some of my favorite spots to eat, grab a coffee, take a walk, where to be a tourist or where to blend in like a local and more.

A coffee and a macaron from Tout Sweet in San Francisco, CaliforniaThe infamous Painted Ladies in San Francisco that you may recognize from the opening credits of Full House and Fuller HouseMuir Woods, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge outside of San FranciscoJacuzzi Winery in Napa Valley, California is just a short trip away from San FranciscoJulius Castle has been abandoned at the top of the historic Filbert Steps in San Francisco, California



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