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Dieting On The Inside

When it comes to dieting most can relate to this one truth: it is a roller coaster. While we have emotional highs that lead us to blaze forward, emptying our pantry of every questionable food item and replacing everything with organic, all natural, home grown, and every variable in between there are the inevitable lows that some unfortunately never get past. You’re no-sugar diet has you crashing and gorging on a family pack of Oreo’sĀ and lying in bed watching Netflix when you should be at the gym.

The truth is dieting is a necessary evil for everyone no matter what size or shape they are. Whether your goal is to lose weight or to live a healthier lifestyle or cutting out a certain food or foods because of allergies, etc most of us can relate to diet troubles.

But what can you do to be successful?

This pretty smart guy named Confucius once said that “Everything has beauty. But not everyone sees it.”

Sometimes we get in our head this idea that we are all supposed to look exactly the same and if we don’t look like this one particular person who we think is perfect than we must be IMperfect. But not all pear shapes are created equally, not all hourglass shapes are the same, not all tall and thin are the same kind of tall and thin. So when our diet leaves us seeing less than “perfect” results we hang up the towel and decide it’s not worth it.

So here’s my ultimate dieting tip no matter what diet it is you’re starting: want what’s best for you.

This isn’t a “quick fix,” “instant results,” “cut this (one thing) out of your life” dieting trick. This requires you to look at yourself which is something most people are scared to do anymore. It’s not always easy.

Paint the scene: You have a kid and they want to eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner because it’s delicious and gives them lots of crazy energy but because you love your child you don’t let them do that because you know the effects that that sort of diet will have on their bodies and minds. Instead, you try your best to give them a healthy relationship with vegetables. You prepare them in ways your kid might feel more inclined to enjoy them and you give them a small dessert on occasion because it’s okay sometimes.

Why, then, do we treat our own bodies with such disrespect? “You are bloated and disgusting and I’m going to fill you with cheesecake for breakfast because you’ll never be what I want.” Or “I’m in a hurry so I’m having cold pizza for breakfast and skipping lunch and having an early dinner by driving through McDonald’s after work.”

What do you want to feel like emotionally? Do you want to be your own bully who tears yourself down to motivate yourself into being thinner? Do you want to cry over a box of Little Debbie’s because you don’t look like Gigi Hadid? Or do you want to feel good?

Any diet you start can only be a success if you learn to stop comparing yourself to others and start wanting what’s best for you. You didn’t lose 10 pounds and its been 3 months? Who cares! If you’re only dieting to see results then you will fail. Diet because you want to feel better and take care of your vessel. Stop thinking of “when I’m this size I can look good in this” and start thinking “if I eat this instead of that I’m going to feel better today and my body will thank me.” Then, if when you fall, it will be a lot easier to get back up.

Wanting to diet to look a certain way is almost guaranteed to fail. Your shoulders are not going to get narrower, your hips aren’t suddenly going to be “proportionate to your boobs” and you aren’t going to look like anyone else but you. Just be a better version of you. And don’t be confused by what “better” means. It means that you can be healthy and happy and successful no matter what your size or build is.

Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight or just trying to cut something out of your diet just remember that your motives will determine your success. Don’t let society tell you what a “real woman” is. Nobody gets to decide that but you.

Don’t let the scale be the stone that pulls you down or the measuring tape be your noose. You get to be in control.

This dieting secret will forever change the way you feel about dieting.

My challenge for you today is to take one step. Maybe you think it’s to start walking everyday or to stop putting sugar in your coffee. But this one step first starts in your mind. Stop invisioning what your body could look like and start thinking about how you want to feel about yourself instead.

Share in the comments what’s helped you succeed!


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