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It’s National Dance Week!

Today marks the first day of a most important holiday, guys.

It’s time to get off your butts, turn the music up loud and dance like no one is watching because April 22nd through May 1st is National Dance Week.

Having a hard time finding motivation to work out? Dance instead.

Don’t have time to work out? Dance while you do the dishes and clean your bookshelves and mop the floors.

Feeling a bit blue? Dance your cares away just like our Fraggle friends would encourage you to do.

Feeling excited about life? Dance! Dance! Dance!

And do it all week long and then never stop.

To kick it off, here’s some amazing Hollywood stars to show you how it’s done but surprise twist! It’s to the current beat of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.”

You’re welcome.

It's National Dance Week (April 22-May 1) so celebrate with Gene Kelly and more at

Prince may be gone but this legend always knew the importance of dancing through life so when you’re getting ready for work, a party or just daily life, let this gif be your reflection when you look in the mirror.

Dance moves like the recently deceased legend Prince.

Prince was a legend in his own time and will remain one always.

Prince Rogers Nelson 1958–2016


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