6 Ways To Perk Up Your Skin

Do you ever step out of the shower, look in the mirror and proceed to sob gently?

Winter has that affect on all of us and now that Spring is officially here we’re ready to get back that sunshine glow. Here are a few of my favorite things to do to brighten up my skin and give it new life.

#1 Rinse in cold water

Although studies have shown that rinsing your hair in cold water doesn’t make it shinier, I do believe that it does something because after a cold rinse my skin feels fresher and my makeup even goes on better and I feel my hair is less frizzy and much more manageable. So science or not I’ve seen the results. Right before you hop out, turn the water cold enough to feel goosebumps (but not cold enough to where you feel like you’ve just entered the ice bucket challenge) and see the results for yourself.

#2 Spritz your face with rose water

Not only does it feel refreshing, it tones your skin and gives it some extra hydration, giving you a healthy glow. Additionally, it’s best to apply your moisturizer on damp skin so instead of putting harsh tap water on your face try a few sprays of rose water instead. Truthfully, there are a dozen reasons why you should pick yourself up some rose water but this is a great start. Right now, rose water is a hot beauty item and because of that, there are tons of blends. If you have sensitive skin I’d suggest starting with plain rose water. Otherwise you could try something like Mario Badescu‘s rose water blend with Aloe and herbs or Herbivore‘s Rose Hibiscus coconut water.

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist with coconut water

#3 Lather up with coconut oil instead of lotion

You may be thinking that oil will make you disgustingly greasy and unpleasant feeling but, assuming you’re using the right amount, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the effects coconut oil has on your skin. Not only will you shine like a dewy ethereal princess but you’re skin will be soft for days. Plus, your bank account will thank you seeing as coconut oil is generally significantly cheaper than chemical-filled lotions. When slee

Bonus: Try using it as a hair mask. Rub it in and go to sleep. Then the next morning rinse it out and your hair will look shiny and healthy! You can also dab it under your eyes or all over your face and sleep in it and wake up to a glowing complexion. Coconut oil is the best!

#4 Marinate your feet

Slather on a thick penetrating cream or some coconut oil and throw some socks on to let your feet marinate for a bit. This will soften them up and hydrate them. Our feet take a beating so be sure to pamper them! Try this foot cream from L’Occitane with Shea butter and lavender to soothe and soften them up.

L'Occitane foot cream for dry skin

#5 Exfoliate

You can easily create your own scrub with some -that’s right- coconut oil and some sugar. Massage it all over your body and rinse. Make sure you’re not rubbing too hard so you don’t irritate your skin. You’re just trying to slough off the dead skin. To exfoliate your face, you can use the same mixture or just use a clean wet washcloth and make gentle circular motions, focusing on the area on the side of your nose, your forehead and chin or any other problem areas you have.

#6 Drink tepid water

Drinking tepid –or room temperature– water as opposed to ice water or hot water has multiple benefits but when it comes to our skin, keeping our insides properly hydrated has a huge impact on our outside appearance. Often times, dull or puffy skin is a result of not getting enough water. So if you’re feeling like your skin could use a pick me up, try increasing your daily water intake!

What do you do to perk up your skin? Share in the comments!

(Picture credit is thanks to Herbivore Botanicals and L’Occitane.)

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