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Identity In Fashion: Can You Be Labeled?

Meg from The Faux Parisian talks about labeling in fashion and why we don't need to fit an "image." Read the article at

In today’s society we have a label for everything. Not only can you find a home in any decade you feel you were born to be a part of (i.e. The 20’s, the 50’s, the 70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s, etc) but they all seem to have their own sub-label on top of that (90’s normcore, 90’s grunge, etc) and if you’re struggling to keep up then take a deep breath because there’s still normcore, retro-glam, classic, French gamine and the list goes on endlessly to label every “look” that’s ever happened. (Although I think we’re mostly done with “emo,” “punk rawk,” and “girly-girl” *cringe* and I’m pretty sure “goth” has a new label too but I just try not to think too much about it.)

But some of us (though not for our lack of trying at one point or another in our lives) fail to fall into any one of these categories. Sure, maybe we have our days when we’re feeling very Audrey Hepburn but then the day passes and the next we’re a total Demi Lovato circa cool-for-the-summer and maybe another day we’re even Audrey but with a dash of Miley Cyrus. Or maybe none of those at all but a different hybrid all together.

I refer to our kind as the style vagabonds, ever roaming and never settling. Not because we are lost but because it’s in our blood to be restless. Granted, it may seem that that, too, is just a label but I’ve come to find that just as we like to know the names of the people we call our friends (because “hey, you!” grows tired eventually,) we also need something to call “it.”

We are the girls with the “je ne sais quoi.” We are the style vagabonds. And when people ask us what we call our style, we say “it’s just me.”

Some make the decision to constantly change how they dress because they care more about being different. Some conform to the latest trends to blend in. And some of us float along, doing what we please, because we can and we will.

We are drifters in the seas of fashion, taking along with us what suits us when we feel the need and casting it aside when we’re done. There are no strings that hold us to a trend or certain image.

Because who ever said you had to pick just one?

Signature Meg Maldonado at The Faux Parisian (


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