Ipsy Review: March “Hello, Spring!”

Is Ipsy worth it? Check out the reviews at The Faux Parisian and see for yourself! (Hello, Spring! March Ipsy Glambag featured.

Spring is just around the corner and Ipsy is celebrating with this months Ipsy glam bag appropriately themed “Hello Spring!” This month there are three variations of the glam bag (I received the mint and orange.) But no need for long introductions so let’s get started!

Skone Cosmetics
Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner in Jet Black
Retail: $20.00 (currently marked at $15.00)

Skone cosmetics Tattooed liquid eyeliner - This stuff is the greatest!

Verdict: Having tried so many different liquid eyeliner pens and having so many disappointments, I finally settled for Stila (and even still have not been completely satisfied) but this tattooed eyeliner from Skone Cosmetics is absolutely amazing. Goes on great, stays on great (like, seriously, be careful about making mistakes because it truly has great staying power) and I didn’t feel like my wings faded at all which they always inevitably do with my Stila and almost every other pen I’ve tried. Basically I think it’s amazing and you should totally give it a try and, honestly, I have a hard time believing you’ll ever return to your old brand. Here’s what Ipsy has on their website in the products description: “It’s waterproof, smudge proof and won’t run or feather. Literally lasts ALL day – even through a workout!” I 100% agree with this claim!

NYX Cosmetics
Liquid Suede Cream  in Kitten Heels
Retail: $7.00

This liquid suede lipstick from NYX has got the more expensive brands beat - and it's only $7.00!

Verdict: I have about a hundred red lipsticks (give or take) in varying shades and finishes from every price range and I’m not lying when I say this is my new favorite. Not only is it a fabulous shade of red but the matte finish is perfect and it. stays. on. This red lip ain’t budging. Which to me is probably the most important thing about a lip color seeing as not only do I talk a lot but I also enjoy eating and drinking throughout the day and breathing which even that small “activity” can disrupt some lipsticks. Basically you should run out an grab this stuff asap.

Pixi by Petra
Beauty Blush Duo in Rose Gold
Retail: $18.00 (for full size that also includes kabuki brush)

Definitely in love with this color/highlighter combo from Pixi in Rose gold.

Verdict: This is a great combo of color and highlighter that you can swirl together or use separately and I truly love it and definitely see myself buying it when I’m out. I absolutely suggest trying it for yourself. A little color and highlight goes a long way especially for those who don’t like to look like they’re wearing makeup but just want that dewy fresh look.

Aphrodite Skin Care
Anti-aging & Hydrating Eye Cream
Retail: $23.99

Aphrodite anti-aging and Hydrating eye cream review

Verdict: I’m not quite at the stage in my life where I feel I need anti-aging products (but maybe I should?) so me trying to tell you whether this eye cream has “slowed down” my aging process in any way is a bit of a stretch. It’s hydrating in the sense that I don’t have dry spots around my eyes or feel like they’re not moisturized enough but I’ve used eye cream for years and I think I’d have to have been NOT using eye cream previously to be able to tell you whether or not there were any remarkable changes after using this product. On the Ipsy website it states that this cream also “helps reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness” which I will say I haven’t noticed it doing. If you’re looking for some under eye hydration I think there are other alternatives out there that are easier to obtain and have more benefits. But, like I said, I’m ill equipped to be a judge in this department. Sorry kids.

Margaret Dabbs London
Super Shiner Buffer
Retail: £7.00

Margaret Dabbs London Super Shiner Buffer

Verdict: Well it does what it says it does. It makes your nails shiny. So there you go. Shortest verdict ever.

Loving this liquid suede lipstick from NYX in Kitten Heels!

Here’s my super professional selfie after (very speedily because I was running late) applying my Glambag goods.

Convinced to give Ipsy a try? Click here to get started!

What did you get in your glam bag this month? Agree or disagree with my review? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Ipsy Review: March “Hello, Spring!”

  1. Great review! I got that lipstick and can’t wait to try it out!!! I like your blog, followed, and hope you wouldn’t mind a follow back? I’m pretty new to blogging but have lots of beauty reviews on the way!

    • Glad you like the review and I’d love to hear back on your thoughts about the lipstick and which shade you received. I’ll definitely be sure to check out your blog and I look forward to what you have on the way!

  2. I’ll be receiving the blush and nail buffer-both of which I’m not excited about. After reading your review on the blush though it has me thinking I may end up liking it!

    • I think the nail buffer is great if you wear your nails natural but I personally ALWAYS keep polish on mine even if it’s just clear polish because I feel it keeps them stronger (personally) so if you ever go au naturel with your nails then it’s a great tool. As for the blush, please share what you think once you try it out for yourself!

  3. The only thing your bag has in common with the one I’m getting is the blush duo. So I’m looking forward to trying it now. I am getting a completely different eyeliner, so a little jealous of yours, as well as the lip color. It looks great on you!

    • I hope you still end up liking what you get in your bag (I’m sure you will) and thanks! I love this lip color too! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments already on it. 😍

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