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A Few Things You Should Spend Your Entire Paycheck On

You are a responsible adult and pay your own rent and put gas in your car and so when payday rolls around it’s really only fair you reward yourself for eating more than just ramen and pizza all week. Good news for you is that I have some great finds that I think you’ll be eager to whip out the debit card for (or credit if you’re SUPER adult.)

Long Floral Kimono Cardigan – $26.99 (+free shipping)

Floral kimono cardigan

Look at this adult filling up her gas tank with her (presumably) hard earned money. This could be you! It’s almost you! Click here to grab this bohemian chic piece to pump your gas in.

Pink Parrots Printable Art – $9.25

Pink parrots wall art white background print

I’ve heard it (unofficially) said that you’re not an adult until you have at least one piece of art hanging on your walls. But really, even if you do have art hung already I’m pretty sure everyone needs a pair of pink parrots in love to bring them joy each day. You can purchase these two love birds here or by clicking the picture. (I realize this picture isn’t technically hanging but it’s like a really adult lean kind of thing so it counts.)

Yellow Gold Antler Ear Cuffs – $39.90

Gold plated antler earring cuffs

Really, how are any of us living without these? Your ears are crying out for these to adorn them! Click here or the picture to pick them up for yourself or as a “gift for a friend.”

And you know the best part about online shopping is that you get a present delivered to your own door and, hey, who doesn’t like presents?

*I don’t own any of these items (yet) but think that they’re great finds! If you purchase any of the items and are displeased for any reason then make sure to contact the seller. I know myself and others would be pleased to hear any productive feedback on any of your purchases so please share your thoughts in the comments! If any of these items are purchased by using the links I’ve provided then I may receive a (very) small commission from the sale. I’m never obligated to sell any items I don’t believe in and these are all items I personally chose to share with you guys and I hope you all enjoy!

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