Ipsy Review: February “Pretty In #ipsypink”

February review for my Ipsy glam bag - pretty in #ipsypink at The Faux Parisian

Its been a week and I’ve put the contents of my February Ipsy Glam bag to the test! For those of you who don’t know, Ipsy is a $10 a month subscription that allows you to try out brands you may have never heard of before or have never gotten around to trying but have wanted to. Even if you don’t personally see the benefit of subscribing to Ipsy, reading the review may inspire you to check out the brands and products featured.

Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in I'm Kind Of A Big Deal - Ipsy glam bag review Pretty in ipsy pink

Trust Fund Beauty
Nail Polish in I’m Kind Of A Big Deal
Retail: $15.00

Verdict: Definitely worth the $15 price tag in my opinion. Goes on great, stays on well, looks beautiful, provides even coverage. Love it. I personally put a matte topcoat on over it instead of shiny so that’s what you’re seeing in the photo. It didn’t chip even once until a weeks wear. I literally have zero complaints about this polish.

Trust find beauty nail polish in I'm Kind of a Big Deal February Ipsy glam bag review Pretty in ipsy pink

Naked cosmetics mica pigment eyeshadow review from February Ipsy glam bag. Review.

Naked Cosmetics
Mica Pigment in Sierra Nevada #05
Retail: $15.00 (for full size)

Verdict: Messy. Everywhere. But amazing color and a ridiculous amount. This “sample” size will last you forever. I will say you’re definitely going to need an eyelid primer for this one since it rubs off super easy. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Thankfully eyeshadow has a long lifespan and you may not even need to replace it until that span of time is up. The color is gorgeous. But truly my only complaints are that its a bit messy (don’t wear white while applying or even opening the container) and you pretty much HAVE to wear primer with it. I think the amount you’re getting and the gorgeous color definitely make up for it, though.

Naked cosmetics mica powder in Sierra Nevada #05. Inside the February Ipsy glam bag pretty in ipsy pink. Review.

Vintage by Jessica liebskind lipgloss. Review of February Ipsy glam bag pretty in ipsy pink

VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind
Sparkling Lipgloss in Pink Sequin
Retail: $21.00 (for full size)

Verdict: I’m not the best candidate for this lipgloss. Nor am I for most. Why? I have ridiculously red lips and therefore most lip glosses have little effect on altering the color of my lips. On me this gloss just looks shimmery and gives my lips more of a brown undertone so I can at least say it isn’t one that pretends to have color but actually goes on clear (like most lip glosses.) As for the quality I can at least judge that much. It’s a little sticky as are most glosses but not disgustingly so. Great applicator (it’s a brush) and smooth. Seems to stay on pretty well but nothing to write home about. All in all I unfortunately have to give it a “meh.” It’s definitely one I’ll use in a pinch but not one I’d personally choose preference over when it comes to those of comparable price. Maybe a different color would change my opinion (like a deep vampy color that would actually have a chance at showing up on my lips) but unless I’m receiving one for free I can’t see myself seeking out this brand in the future.

Carrot + rose hydrating cream by Seraphine botanicals. Read the February Ipsy glam bag review at

Seraphine Botanicals
Carrot + Rose Hydrating Cream
Retail: $19.00

Verdict: If you’re thinking “Okay Carrot + Rose sounds like it would smell atrocious” then you’re almost right. And if you’re thinking “okay that combo sounds like it’d smell amaaaaazing!” then you’re also almost right. While it’s a very odd smell it’s not very strong and I almost feel like it sort of grows on you.(?) Plus no one has made any remarks about me smelling funny (but maybe they’re just being nice?) and it does actually feel nice. I think it’s great for combination skin but as is the case with all skincare products, what works for one may not work for another. I think it’s always difficult to review a skincare product accurately because of this reason. It’s most certainly not bad or cheap quality and it’s very light and didn’t cause my sensitive skin any breakouts and for that reason I think it’s worth trying for yourself. But again, it may just very well not work for you. Such is the life with skincare, kids. Of course if you do have a reaction on your face while using it then you can always use it on your body instead since it’s not solely for facial use anyways and the skin on your legs and arms, etc is much more resilient than your face.

Luxie beauty makeup brush in rose. Read the review for my Ipsy glam bag for February, pretty in ipsy pink, at the faux parisian.

Luxie Beauty
Small Tapered Blending Eye Brush
Retail: $12.00

Verdict: If you know me, you know my favorite color is pink. I hated it growing up because I was a tomboy and tomboys were by no means allowed to like pink but then one day I woke up and realized that I love pink and I love being a girl and to heck with the the stereotypes! So not only is this makeup brush the best color (it’s not just pink, it’s rose and it’s accented with rose gold) but it’s actually a really good makeup brush. It is. There’s my review. It’s pink. It’s good. Do it. Get them all in fact because I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to now.


I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Ipsy (and eventually ditch it) because they don’t understand why they should pay $10 for a bag of samples.

Uh, heeelllooooo!

This nail polish is full size and retails $15. The makeup brush is full size and retails $12. On top of that you’re essentially getting a FREE makeup bag that these “samples” are in and on top of THAT you’re getting samples sent to you as opposed to having to go hunt them down and ask for them (which is generally the only other way to go about obtaining samples) and then lastly, you’re learning about brands you may have never heard about otherwise.

Basically, Ipsy is for some people and not for others. If you’re not in to makeup or you’re not good with makeup then this possibly may not be for you. I’d say Ipsy is for the adventurous (because you never know what you may get) and for the makeup enthusiast (because sometimes certain tricks can make a not-so-great makeup item super amazing. For example, if you don’t know HOW to apply lipstick then you’re gonna be disappointed by MOST lipsticks because there are a lot of tricks to make them stay put. Most lipstick -and makeup in general- is not just apply once and wear all day.)

I’d also say to evaluate the worth. For me, the nail polish by itself is something I’d easily spend the $10 for that I pay for my Ipsy subscription. As far as I’m concerned, the rest of the items are all my “free samples” after that along with a free makeup bag. Sounds like an awesome deal to me!

Now let’s all get in touch with our inner Molly Ringwald, get out our shoulder pads and and hairspray and dance awkwardly with the cutest boys at the school dance!

Convinced to give Ipsy a try? Click here to get started!

What are your thoughts? Is there ever any single item in your ipsy bag you’d pay more for than the $10.00 subscription?

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3 thoughts on “Ipsy Review: February “Pretty In #ipsypink”

    • It’s a great brand (trust fund beauty) so I would definitely suggest checking them out of you ever get the opportunity. What were your thoughts on the lipgloss??? And thanks so much for nominating me and I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the posts! I’ll be sure to check out your site and I hope you’ll continue to visit and comment. I always love hearing everyone’s thoughts!

      • You’re welcome! I actually got a Trust Fund nail polish in a previous bag which is why I was hoping for another! The lip gloss was average-nothing unexpected but I’ll use it since it’s pink and sparky. Very similar to other glosses I already use.

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