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David Bowie (Because Tuesday’s Are Hard)

David Bowie (watch Lady Gaga do a tribute at the Grammy awards)

After you finish gazing at David Bowie’s radiant orange hair and contemplating whether or not you should try to go as bold with your look this Spring (chances are your complexion won’t be so forgiving should you make this decision so maybe try an orange lip instead,) let’s chat about the days of the week.

Monday is hard but there’s at least that feeling of a fresh start. You’re back to your routine, it’s a great day to start a diet or new workout regiment, you can wear your new outfit and/or jewelry you picked up while shopping Saturday and show off your best runway impression to the office. Monday is hard. But bearable.

Wednesday you can look at your watch at 12:00 and say with a huge sigh of relief “I’ve made it halfway through the week.”

Thursday (or as I like to call it, pre-Friday) is a day to start planning and getting excited for Friday night.

Friday is Friday. Payday for most. The end of the week. A celebration of freedom.

Saturday is just the greatest. If it’s beautiful outside you can go out an enjoy it. If it’s cold you can stay in cuddled up by the fire or in bed with a book and hot cocoa. The day is yours to do with as you please!

Sunday is the day that you can still enjoy having off but at the same time, towards the end of it you get that sinking feeling that it’s back to work again the next morning so your responsibility trigger goes off and you’re in bed at a decent time but with the fondness of the weekend you got to enjoy.

You know who’s not on here? Tuesday. Because Tuesday is the absolute worst. Why?  Because it’s not Monday so you don’t get your fresh start and memories of the weekend anymore and it’s not Wednesday so you still have the entire week you have to drag yourself through. Whoever decided Monday’s are the worst must have been slipped a $50 while no one was looking.

So if you’re with me and agree that Tuesday’s suck (or if you just want to enjoy some good old entertainment to get you through anyways,) enjoy this video of Lady Gaga doing a tribute to the late (great) David Bowie at last nights Grammy awards.

I hope your Tuesday feels a little bit more like a Thursday now.

Now get out there and show the world (your coworkers) your best David Bowie impression and give it your all!

Signature Meg Maldonado at The Faux Parisian (


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