Dollar Shave Club – Worth It?

Some of you may have heard of a subscription service called ‘Dollar Shave Club‘ that basically mails you a set of 4 razor blade cartridges and a handle the first month and then each month thereafter you continue to receive a set of 4 cartridges so that you can change them out each week. Total cost? $6.00 a month!*


Now, if you’re like most of us, you probably hang on to your blades way longer than you should because you’re not ready to sell a kidney to pay for a new pack. As a result you’ve just grown accustomed to the ingrown hairs and itchiness because it’s still not worth paying over $20 for 4 cartridges.**

Dollar Shave Club is geared towards men but there’s no discrimination towards women ordering them for themselves. So, after having a mental breakdown of sorts, I decided to give them a try for not only myself but also my husband.

The website gives you the option to add another handle when you’re in the process of checking out for an extra $4 (bringing the total for our first shipment to $10) so I figured we’d each use two of the four cartridges, changing them every other week as opposed to every week (especially since my husband only shaves once or twice a week anyways.)

Our first month we only used one each and our replacements were still sitting in the holder, untouched, when the next shipment came in.

The best part? You can change how often you receive them. So since my husband and I found that we just need one cartridge a month each (a total of two a month or four every two months) we just have to change our shipping preference from the standard once a month to once every other month.

Grand total is $36 a year for 24 cartridges.

As opposed to the previously mentioned 4 cartridges for about $20 which would bring you to about $120 a year.**

That saves you $84 a year.

Plus, it saves your poor skin from ingrown hairs and gives your gorgeous gams a chance to live once again in the spotlight.

BUT! You’re probably thinking this thing is cheap and atrocious but you would be wrong my friend!

Long gone are the days of women being drawn to the typical “feminine” marketing. We are now sleek and modern and enjoying all shades of gray (there’s a joke there but I’m not gonna make it.)

Check out how sleek this thing is. Just look at it! And it’s nice and heavy (but not too heavy. Just good quality heavy.)



So before you go selling any organs, give Dollar Shave Club a try!

And look at how cute the cartridge packs are and it came with a little ‘zine’ so you can have something fun to learn while you’re on the toilet. (Geared towards men, what can I say? No marketing team for women would ever admit that females ever sit on the toilet except to chat with their besties or wax their legs. Still, we’ve come a long way ladies. Flaunt that ankle.)




Ready to try it out for yourself? Click here to get started!

Did you know that women’s products cost more than men’s? Check out this article!

Note: You can also add different products that they offer to your order like shave butter, etc.

*There are three different options for cartridges. The one I’ve mentioned in this post is the $6 option which is a razor with 4 blades. There’s also a $1 option that offers 2 blades and delivers 5 cartridges a month and a $9 option that is 6 blades and 4 cartridges a month. Confused? See what I’m talking about here.

**You may pay more or less for cartridges at different retailers depending on where you live. I got my price estimates from

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