My DIY Guide to Throwing a Golden Party

I love babies. I love parties.

Baby showers, though? I have a hard time with the typical “baby shower” themed parties (where everything is either blue, pink or yellow and filled with cutsie teddy bears and ducks) and the typical baby shower games (please don’t make me taste a melted chocolate bar inside of a baby diaper.)

So, when it came time to throw my sisters baby shower I jumped at the opportunity to make this a more “grown up” event (because why should we suffer through appealing to a baby that’s not even here yet when we’re all adults?!)

So my theme that I chose was a “rustic glam” (as my friend so perfectly described it) with the colors being gold and white (hence the “glam” part) and forest animals and twigs to keep with my sisters theme for the baby’s nursery (hence the “rustic” part.)

To make things unique, I decided to do a lot of DIY.

DIY gold and white candles, gold spray paint, mason jars,

My DIY purchases from Hobby Lobby and Michaels as well as 4 white unscented candles from Target.

With all my supplies ready to go, I got to work!

DIY Gold and White mason jars and candles

The (almost) final result of the candles and mason jars. (I did another coat on the jars to clean them up a bit.) The lettering on the jar on the right was not as beveled as the one on the left so another coat made it look a little better. Word of advice-check the lettering before you buy!

Baby shower DIY in gold

I bought these wooden letters for a little less than $0.40 a piece. The branch was free in the backyard and actually added a great touch. Not bad for an afterthought!

My DIY project was done in minutes!

Next it was on to the rest of the supplies — plates, forks, napkins, decorations, etc.

Gold and White Theme Party Supplies

Here I’ve got most everything I need! (Check out the white box with golden branch on it that I got for $8 at Hobby Lobby!) The gold and white plates I got from Target and the plastic animals I also bought at Hobby Lobby and were beautifully painted-perfect for my cake toppers! The gold plate and tray were about $6 for both and the cardboard cake stand was only $5.

I also wanted to have some games for the shower with prizes.


The final result? I think it was a success!

Gold and white themed party

I ended up grabbing some legos that belonged to my niece and spray painting them gold as well. They were a hit!

And don’t you think the cake turned out amazing? I found the recipe ages ago on Pinterest here and have been holding on to it for a special occasion. Now was the time! I had a friend of mine make it for me and she did a superb job. Everyone was crazy about that marshmallow cream frosting. It was uh-maze-ing. (Plus, look how they frolick!)


The recipe makes two of these cakes so we had the other on standby in the kitchen. They were both devoured.


The best part about these little fellows being our cake toppers is that the baby can play with them when he’s older.

In the end, the DIY part of this party was super easy and totally worth it. If you’ve never done any DIY yourself, give it a shot! Everything was self explanatory on the instructions of the paint. Just make sure you follow those and you’ll be happy with the result, I’m sure!

Gold and white baby shower for a "Rustic Glam" theme

Like the Netflix fireplace going in the background? Great for ambiance and better than having a blank tv screen as a backdrop instead. (The light bulb “O” –for Oliver, the baby’s name– as well as the centerpiece that you can’t see in this picture were both provided by the friend who made the cake.)

Signature Meg Maldonado at The Faux Parisian (


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