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Man Repeller Pays Homage to The Short Girls

So basically is one of my (most important) daily rituals. I think it’s safe to say we all have our “spirit animals” so-to-speak and they’re mine. They get me. But this isn’t a post about how they’re awesome over there and #squadgoals and how you should totally check them out if you’re needing a great laugh.

Instead it’s just to highlight a recent post of theirs that focuses on those of us who are of the more “petite” persuasion.

Like how platforms/high heels almost disguise us to be of normal height and how tailors make a fortune off of us bc there doesn’t exist a jean in this world that doesn’t cover our entire foot so we either cuff and cuff and cuff and risk having our circulation cut off by the excessive amount of cuffing or we do the “raw” hem (taking the scissors and doing it ourselves sans any actually hemming.)

Or how people feel compelled to pick us up because that’s just a totally normal thing to do to a complete stranger(?!?!?!?!)

But anyways, check out the article if your short or tall (because you tall people need to stop elbowing us in the eyes. It’s real) and enjoy the rest of the site too because those ladies are awesome.

The Trials and Triumphs of a Certified Shorty


(Image taken from All credit goes to them.)

Signature Meg Maldonado at The Faux Parisian (


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