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Conquering Color in the Season of Black & White

I’ll be the first to admit that I’d be perfectly content with a wardrobe of black, grays and a variety of fleshy tones. But what always gets me about the cold winter months is that those colors become everybody’s wardrobe. While chic to see out and about strolling among the masses of colorful patterns, can you imagine a whole world void of color? Well, unfortunately, sometimes winter feels that way to me. My all black chic ensemble is suddenly just another contributor to a dull, dark cast of dreary folk, huddled in a heated room trying to escape the cold.

Why is it that the cold makes people gravitate towards these muted colors?

Sure, come the holidays everyone decides to grit their teeth and wear their flashy colors again but then as soon as the day passes, it’s back to gray and dreary.

Can we all just make a personal goal to add a pop of color to our winter wardrobe instead of becoming the townsfolk in ‘The Giver?’ No, not all the time (mostly because I could never personally do this) but maybe once a week or even every other week.

How did the warmer months manage to monopolize color? Let’s end this now by putting our pink, closed toe pumps and Tiffany blue handbags together and fight the good fight!

Now who’s with me?

(But in case you’re afraid, here’s some inspiration to rev you up.)

A coat of many colors | How to incorporate color into your winter wardrobe | The Faux Parisian


Blake Lively knows how to wear color in Winter | The Faux Parisian

Signature Meg Maldonado at The Faux Parisian (


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