Ipsy Review: January “All Eyes On You”

Many of you by now currently subscribe/have subscribed or are at this point questioning whether or not you want to subscribe or have decided it’s not for you and will most likely never subscribe. This review is for all of you. The reason being is that while, sure, I’ve received these items because I am an ipsy subscriber, these items are available to anyone who wants to purchase them individually.

Ipsy January glam bag review

Now while I certainly won’t bog you down with too many details and ramblings about each item, I do want to make sure you get a good idea of the pros and cons of each. So let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

J.Cat Beauty – Blinkle Shimmer Eyeshadow

While I LOVE the color (it’s great for blue eyes) it doesn’t hold up amazingly without primer. I haven’t tried it with a primer only because my eyeshadow consists solely of Smashbox and I never have to use primer with my Smashbox eyeshadows. That being said, it doesn’t look bad without it by any means. It just creased a bit on my lids mostly due to the oils on my skin. I also didn’t put anything under it because I really wanted to test the eyeshadow itself without any help from other products.

Blinkle shimmer eyeshadow, j.catBlinkle shimmer eyeshadow,

Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes! Even with creasing I still loved it.

TheBalm Cosmetics – Mr. Write (Now)

Now this I really wanted to love. And I don’t hate it! But I don’t love it either. It goes on a tad dry which kind of made my eyelid where it was applied look wrinkly which was super weird. The color was good I think except that I tried it on top of the eyeshadow so I didn’t get a true feel for the color on its own. On my hand it looked good though so I think I can confidently say I like the color.

Mr. Write (Now) eyeliner pencil

Would I recommend it to a friend? Maybe not. Only because I think I could find similar colors that aren’t so dry.

OFRA Cosmetics – Universal Eyebrow Pencil

While this looked fine once I finished it was so frustrating while I was applying it. First let me say that I currently use the Dior brow “pencil” so the thought of an actual pencil eyeliner that I have to sharpen and doesn’t have a connected brush, well, it’s in a losing battle. It was fine on the actual hairs but I have a couple spots that need filling because the hair is sparse and in those places I had the hardest time getting it to fill in. Then I had trouble with just the overall control of the pencil so I had to keep wiping and redoing. I wanted to scream at one point because I was so frustrated. Color was great though so I will give it that and if you have nice big eyebrows that don’t need too much help except to give them a little “structure” then this pencil would be great. Honestly I just feel like there’s so many better products out there, though.

OFRA, eyebrow pencil, universal brown

Would I recommend it to a friend? If my friend was Cara Delevingne? Sure. But otherwise no.

Jelly Pong Pong – Fairy Lashes CURL

When I did the beauty quiz when I signed up I made sure to not click on mascara. Not that I don’t love mascara or want to find one I love that’s cheaper than Dior but because I have the worst problems with mascara. I have super sensitive eyelashes and most mascaras dry my eyelashes out and it physically hurts me. It’s awful. If it by chance doesn’t do that then I have either the problem of it being flaky or the opposite problem where it “bleeds” as the day progresses and makes it look like I have huge dark circles under my eyes. Not a good look. So I stick with trusty Dior. But this mascara did NONE of those things! The only fault I can find is that it did not make my eyelashes look spectacular or special in any way. But if you’re a simple girl and want a low key look this is totally a great brand to try.

Jelly pong pong, curl, fairy lashes, mascara

Would I recommend it to a friend? If she’s the girl-next-door type then absolutely!

Skyn ICELAND – Travel Size Glacial Cleansing Cloths

I had high expectations for these. Unfortunately my skin hated them. These cloths were very abrasive on my skin! It actually hurt to use them. Not to mention it didn’t do a great job at all of removing my makeup. They smelled nice, though? I am going to take them with me to the gym since I’ll have less makeup on in that case and maybe it won’t be as harsh since there will be less work for them to do.

Skyn Iceland, glacial cleansing cloths

Would I recommend it to a friend? Maybe if they’re a masochist or just want to use them as a really intense exfoliator. Otherwise no.

End the end I was pretty pleased with my Ipsy January bag because a) the actual bag is super cute (much cuter in person than in pictures) and b) the eyeshadow alone I would have spent $10 for anyways so I feel I got my money’s worth and then some with just that alone but even still I am going to continue to use all of the items.

Here are some pictures taken with my iPhone 6 of my unfiltered face and in different lighting. Focus obviously on my eye makeup and not the fact that I threw on some lipstick without exfoliating my lips first just to take these pictures.

So these top photos are right after I applied the eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

This next set here is me after I’ve put the makeup to the test. It’s about 11:30pm and I’m about to use the facial cleansing cloths to remove my makeup.


And after killing my skin I wasn’t convinced that the wipes actually cleansed my face so I used my micellar water to clean the rest off.


Want to try Ipsy out for yourself? Click here to get started!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Ipsy Review: January “All Eyes On You”

      • No matter how many times I took the quiz and reviewed products they kept sending me the stuff I didn’t want (I had Ipsy for 1.5 years and Birchbox for about a year. I thought Ipsy was better than birchbox). It just didn’t make sense, especially since I want to keep my VIB rouge status at Sephora lol at least that $10 can go towards that.

        • That makes sense and I can already relate about them sending things that go against the beauty quiz options. My main feeling going into this was to get the chance to try out new brands and so I feel after about a year and a half I’d probably feel the same way you do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

        • Ya it was great for a while, I feel like I was able to try a lot of new products and brands I otherwise might not have so it was worth it for the most part! I’d still recommend others to try it out at least for a year 🙂

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