Why You Should Definitely Consider Using a Planner

Why You Should Definitely Be Using A Planner

To begin, I’ve always been obsessed with organization and planning. It makes me feel like I have a measure of control in my life (even when everything else is chaos.) So, to me, a planner is a no brainer. But for those of you who maybe need a little guidance in the organization department I’m here to assist!

Reason #1: Bills. If you’re an adult you have them. You may have them if you’re a teenager. They exist. They’re awful. They show up every month completely unwelcome. But alas. We must pay to live. Dumb.

How can a planner help? If you write out in your planner the day the bill is due you’re less likely to get hit with a) the automatic payment that you may have forgotten about or snuck up on you and b) you can write out if and when you need to contact the people you owe to schedule it for a separate day.

For example, my car insurance is due on the 20th like clockwork but every once in a while payday is a few days after the 20th and I know I’m going to be too tight or just flat broke if I try to pay it on that date so I make a note in my planner on the side margin to contact my car insurance on the 10th (or really whenever is convenient for me) to postpone that payment for the 26th. Et voila! I’m not eating hamburgers off the dollar menu for 4 days.

Plus, I have way too many monthly expenses to keep track of in my brain alone among just other more important things.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Planner

Reason #2: Parties! I think as an adult I’ve come to find that parties are not as last minute impulses as they were when I was a teenager. It’s no longer my bff texting me “Are you busy tonight? Let’s go to a party I just heard about!” but more along the lines of stamped and addressed envelopes with rsvp cards inside.

How can a planner help? Well, now I have to keep track of what I’ve actually rsvp’d to and also write the dates that I actually need to rsvp by. Without my planner I’d have a lot of crappy relationships and upset friends and family. What is my life?

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Planner

Reason #3: Personal goals. Long or short, they keep all of us moving forward in life and are vital to feeling successful and accomplished.

How can a planner help? Goals are easy to forget. But if you can write out on specific days where you need to be in your progress, you’re going to have a much easier time achieving whatever you set out for yourself.

For example, if you want to progressively cut sugar out of your diet then you need to know what days you’re lessening your intake. (Monday-stop adding sugar to morning cup of coffee. Friday-cut out all sugar for breakfast. Etc.) A planner can make sure you stick to your assigned days so you meet your long term and short term goals with ease.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Planner

These are the reasons why I personally keep a planner and why I feel it’s so important for others to at least consider it as a part of their new daily routine but why do you keep one? Let me know in the comments your uses for a planner!


My planner was purchased at anthropologie.

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