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Just Do It: How I Make Sure to Exercise Every Day

Everyday I do some form of exercise (and no, I don’t count shopping or walking to and from the car to run errands exercise) no matter how much I may NOT want to.

Honestly…I’m lazy. I could stay in bed 90% of the day and watch Netflix and fuel myself on popcorn and coffee and delivery pizza.

But I kind of don’t want to die at 30 so I make it a point to take care of myself. It’s tough. If you’re lazy then you know.

So here’s how I get my lazy self to exercise (or at the very least do some stretches) every single day. Yes. All seven days of the week.

How I Exercise 7 Days A Week Every Week

First of all my addiction to caffeine inevitably gets me out of the bed. I must seek out my drug of choice and now that I’m up I do the most important thing of all:

I put on my gym clothes. So now whether I go to the gym or I work out here at home, it’s happening. It’s actually amazing how just dressing for the occasion motivates you. Now don’t get me wrong here, that’s not the 100% answer. Because sometimes that doesn’t work. I have the clothes on but my bed is still looking great and I’m tired and sore or just down in the dumps and totally unmotivated. I can look at Kendall Jenner’s abs all I want and it’s still not moving me to want to work for them. So now I give myself an out.

I don’t go to the gym. Instead, I do some stretches on my floor and once I’ve done that, 9 times out of 10 I’m ready to do more.

But not always. Sometimes it’s just the stretches. But on those days I at least stretched. Which is better than nothing.

In all honesty, I think if we give ourselves “rest” days then we’re going to be setting ourselves up to fall into a slump. (Unless you have the flu. You should totally rest if you have the flu.)

A stretch a day keeps the New Years resolution away.

Not to mention, it usually takes at least two weeks to see progress after you’ve started working out and if you’ve stopped for a month you can almost guarantee you’re gonna have to wait that two weeks again. I can’t even handle that thought.

Finally, the one thing I always need to get me going each and every day is a good playlist. Without my music I’m just alone with my lazy thoughts (consisting mostly of plush blankets and fluffy pillows and Netflix or a book. Super non-active thoughts.)

If you’re the type to need the exact right music to exercise either a) get over that or b) get in control of that by preparing playlists well in advance. Multiples if need be.

But really when all is said and done, do what Shia Labeouf would encourage you to do:


Share in the comments what you do to get motivated to exercise every day!

Signature Meg Maldonado at The Faux Parisian (


4 thoughts on “Just Do It: How I Make Sure to Exercise Every Day

  1. I do a lot of the same things you do. I put my workout clothes on when I wake up and go from there! I always feel more motivated when I have the workout gear on, it’s like that extra push. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Me too, dressed everyday with a sport gear like running shoes, casual trousers, and sportive shirts, let me freely move. I prefer to park my car 2 hundred meters away from my daughter school gate, this forcing me to walk. More step I walk is better…

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