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La Vie En Noir

La Vie En Noir - Why All Black Is Always Chic and Will Never Go Out Of Style

Whether it’s a night on the town or a trip to the grocery store, one of my favorite trends (although I don’t feel “trend” is necessarily an appropriate word for this timeless look) is the chic and ever-flawless head-to-toe noir. Not only am I too often lazy when it comes to waking up early to assemble an outfit but I  rarely ever feel emotionally capable of putting one together the night before (I like to live recklessly, what can I say?) so throwing on all black is an easy way to boost my confidence about 100%. I feel effortlessly chic and in-control of life. It’s my powersuit. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love color and I wear it liberally but when I’m feeling a little insecure or having trouble making a decision about what to wear then, to me, all black is always the answer.

Black is one of those fabulous colors that looks expensive no matter how much you pay for it (assuming you’ve followed my rules) and, this may be my personal opinion, but you can never really have too much black. Maybe four pairs of nearly identical boots is too much but you get the point. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall; black is always effortlessly chic and forever in style. It’s a look you don’t need jewelry with or perfectly styled hair or even makeup. Chapstick and clear skin (for some of us that’s fresh faced but for others it’s concealer or light foundation; only a few rare unicorns actually have great no-need-for-makeup skin) can actually be enough for this look and we don’t look like we’ve given up on life or gone through a bad breakup.

Now a couple variations to the all-black trend include adding a pop of color in a bag or statement piece of jewelry, a bright shoe or even just a pop of color on the lips. I’m in love with a good red lip and I think it amps up the look by about a billion or so. If you can’t find the right red lipstick or think you can’t wear it because of your skintone or it always gets on your teeth then there are solutions.

La Vie En Noir - Why All Black Is Always Chic and Will Never Go Out Of Style

Okay, so the ultimate factor in wearing all black is this: confidence. If you’re wearing all black because you think it will disguise your hideousness, you’re in a losing battle. Genuine confidence is something that comes from feeling good about you. Not cocky or conceited or thinking you’re the most gorgeous person to walk the earth but confidence in knowing you are doing you and doing your best at it each and every day. Ladies, If you want to feel good about yourself, give yourself reason to feel good. No amount of clothing will give you confidence if you don’t have it in you to begin with. You can’t buy it. It just requires some emotional elbow grease and a lot of hard work and picking your self up again when you fall short. Never give up on trying to be a better you.

(This was originally a post I wrote for CHEAPITCLASSY)

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