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Avoid Logo Vomit: Show Off Your Style (Not Your Money)

The fashion industry has been quite successful in making us unpaid spokesman for their label while we shell out a small fortune and live on an all-ramen diet the remainder of the month. But why is that? Why do we cut off our right arm to have a fancy logo all over our purse or plastered on the front of a t-shirt? Is it insecurity? Is it peer pressure? Is it some sort of animalistic ritual to declare dominance among the herd? I used to find myself regularly having to tear myself from this magnetic force that pulls in droves upon droves of unsuspecting victims daily.

But that’s not style.

The trick to living on a budget is to never let it show.

Style cannot be bought. Trust me, I see on a regular basis the woman with a stained nasty shirt and leopard print leggings with dirty flipflops that her heels hang off of and she’s got a Louis Vuitton purse draped on her elbow. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: money can’t buy you class. Now, that’s not to say it’s wrong to have one of these bags. It’s not. But why do you have it or want it? Is it because you want to be noticed for your money? Is it because you want to flaunt it to the world that you can afford a designer bag? Or is it actually because you genuinely love the design? Just ponder that for a minute.

Now, while I have said in the past to invest in a classic designer bag if able, I want to reiterate that classic does not necessarily mean labels. I do have a number of designer bags but I can tell you right now that, unless you’re actually looking for it, you won’t notice the designer right off the bat. Good quality is the ultimate goal in buying staples. If you can’t nor will you ever be able to buy a designer bag, find quality elsewhere and treat it with extra tlc. Don’t make yourself an unpaid spokesman. They’re not paying you. You’re paying them to advertise for them! Madness!

Avoid Logo Vomit: Show off your style, not your money

This is a bag of mine I purchased from J.Crew and, as you can see, there are no flashy logos – just great design and quality.

But listen up ladies! There has been a revolution! Fashion and Style bloggers have taken over, slowly but surely erasing those ideas of label whoring and showing us how to look effortlessly chic in clothes from Zara, ForeverXXI, H&M, thrift stores, garage sales and more! So before you get sucked in to the appeal of that splattered logo, check to see if you can’t find a similar great find for a fraction of the price.

Vive la revolution!

(This was originally a post I wrote for CHEAPITCLASSY)

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